Bills marked as paid causing duplicate transactions

Hello! I have just started yesterday using Quicken's bills pane, and I found today that it is now producing duplicate transactions. For instance, I paid my Amex payment yesterday via automatic draft, and so I marked that bill "paid" in the bills pane. This caused a "pencil" icon transaction to be manually made by marking the bill paid, and then also the bank downloaded a duplicate transaction from them.

Isn't the bills feature supposed to be catching this sort of stuff? Seems like it's going to cause me to end up with duplicate transactions, throwing off all of the numbers.

Thanks for any guidance you can offer! - Brad


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    In the account register you can drag the downloaded transaction onto the manually created transaction to combine them. I think over time Quicken will get smarter about doing that automatically; I generally don't have to match up transactions by hand anymore, but if the bill payment takes a long time to clear Quicken won't match them automatically because the dates are too far apart.

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    Interesting...ok I will try it. Thanks!
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