Thrivent Financial Services, Wealthscape Investor, and Quicken

After several days of intense frustration, including an extended conversation with Quicken Tech Support (Tech Support was patient and did what he could do with his data base but did not know the final solution), I contacted Thrivent Financial Services to see if I could get help there. I had attempted to link my Thrivent brokerage accounts to Quicken; Thrivent uses Wealthscape Investor (also known as Streetscape) to link to Quicken. Nothing I tried for over one week produced the necessary linkage. Today, I spoke with a rep at Thrivent, and she was able to think outside of the box to overcome the boondoggle which I was experiencing.

So, I will post the way she was able to guide me, after several false starts, to produce the linkage of Thrivent Financial Services with Quicken through Weathscape. I realize that it is possible to "add an account " several ways in Quicken, clicking on the + in the lefthand corner of the Quicken default homepage or going to "Tools" and selecting the second dropdown, "Add Account..." I used the first, selecting the +. The next screen allows a search for the Quicken built-in institutions and companies. DO NOT DO A SEARCH FOR THRIVENT. Rather, search for Weatherscape. After entering only the first three letters "Wea", scroll toward the bottom of the dropdown, and you will see the full name "Weatherscape Investor." Highlight it by clicking on it. After Quicken finishes
its search, you will be presented with three blanks: User ID, PIN, and Account Number. If you established a Unique User Name when you registered to access your Thrivent brokerage account through Weatherscape Investor, you must type that Unique User Name in the first blank, User ID. If you do not have a Unique User Name, that blank must have the User ID, a series of numbers, 10 in my case, which you received, in my case via a text to my cell phone, when you registered to access your Thrivent brokerage account through Weathscape Investor. The second blank, PIN, is not a PIN at all; That misunderstanding produced my errors. The PIN, which Quicken requires instead, is your Password for your Weathscape Investor loggin; I hope that you have a strong, very secure password especially for a brokerage account. Finally, the third blank, Account Number, is exactly what you would expect it to be; it is on all mailing from Thrivent about your brokerage account and is also on the Weathscape Investor homepage for your account. With those three pieces of information properly entered, clicking on "Connect" in the lower right hand corner of the "Add Account" form, where you filled in the necessary information in the three blanks, Quicken will make the connection and add your new account, with accurate close of last Wall Street session numbers for your brokerage account.

You can fancy things up a bit if you wish. You select the new account, which you have just added, go to the gear (settings) in the upper right corner, and select "Edit account details" from the dropdown menu. You could, for instance, change the "Account name" to something other than the default. You could change add a "Description" to make things more identifiable, especially helpful if you have many investments. You could change those things which are changeable, on the left side of the form. You could also add information to the lower right side categories. HOWEVER, DO NOT CHANGE THE ACCOUNT NUMBER OR CUSTOMER ID. Also, do not mess with anything on the "Online Services" tab. You can do as you choose with the check boxes on the "Display Options" tab; I would suggest, however, that you do nothing with them unless you understand the implications of checking any of the boxes.

There it is! All praise to the Thrivent Finacial Services rep who, through trial and error, produced the necessary results to link Thrivent Financial Services to Quicken through Weathscape Investor.
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