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How do I change the username in the password vault?

I had to change the username for my bank, and the password vault will not let me change the username. How do I do this? Another message pointed us to a link that is not working. Can you provide some detailed support so that I don't have to recreate all of my information?


  • thecreator
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    Hi @MyHome ,

    You need to Deactivate Online Services for the Bank Register in Question. Once, deactivated, close and reopen Quicken. Go back to the Register, you deactivated and click on Set Up Now and when it comes time to add it back into Quicken, make sure to Link it back to the existing Register.

    Make sure that Automatically add to Banking Registers is uncheck, prior to adding the account back into Quicken.

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  • MyHome
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    MyHome said:
    Did that work for you?
    My advice usually is to deactivate ALL accounts of this bank, including any old, long closed and forgotten accounts which might still be activated. Once this has been done, the bank's entry should have disappeared from the Password Vault. You can now use the Add Account process ("+" icon in the Accounts Sidebar title) to reactivate all your accounts using the new username at the bank.
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