How do I enter a static monthly budget using Quicken Starter Edition?

Apparently, I can only enter a monthly budget using Quicken Starter. My budget is for a fiscal year starting in July. My monthly budget amounts are equal for each month of the year. How do I enter the same amount for each month in this fiscal year?


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    Copy Budget to future month(s)

    In Deluxe and higher editions:
    •     Switch from the monthly Graph mode to the Annual View.
    •     Assuming February is the current month … Click the February column header.
    •     A popup will let you select from options to copy February budgeted amounts for all categories forward and/or backward for the other months of the year.
    •     Done.

    The Annual View is not available in the Starter Edition.

    •     Here you have to select each category individually in the Monthly Graph View.
    •     When selected, a gear icon appears next to the budgeted numeric amount along the right side of the view. Click the gear icon and you will have options to copy the budget for this month over the remaining months of the year.
    •     Repeat for all other categories.
  • Many thanks. That did the trick!
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