Regards entering info on an Invoice I created

This problem doesn't always happen, however it is right now and I'm beyond frustrated because I need to send out invoices. My invoices have 5 columns which are:
Category - Regular time or OT classification
Description - I enter in description of what project is being invoiced
Qty - I enter in number of hours spent on a project using 15 minute increments (.25, .50, .75)
Rate - Hourly rate using 2 decimals (example 30.00)
Amount - calculates automatically using Qty * Rate

Here's the issue:
On some lines, and sporadically when I go to enter Qty (hours) it jumps to the next column and puts the number in the Rate column.

I've tried copying entries which are correct and sometimes it will do what it should, however today it doesn't make any difference and puts the Qty (hours) in the Rate column.

I've tried clearing the columns, clearing the row, deleting the row and it still is doing this.

How can I fix this, please....someone.


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    In the Invoice data entry form there also is a column titled "Item". Do you use it to predefine invoice line items for your invoicing needs, e.g., Regular Time, Overtime, Subtotal, Discount, Surcharge, etc.?
    Depending on how the item is defined, QTY and RATE may not be available for use.

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