Alliant Credit Union only allows "credit card" account type when trying to add my savings account

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Quicken will not update/download my Alliant Credit Union savings account transactions. The last time updating worked was 5/22. While trying to reset my savings account, I recognized that my savings account type was "credit card." Credit card is the only account type available in the drop down window. This prohibits me from linking my credit union account to quicken as the only choices available in quicken are credit cards.
This looks as though something changed on the credit union end. Any help is appreciated!


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    HI @Don143

    I had a similar issue some time ago and was able to fix it (but am a little hazy on the exact sequence of what I did, so bear with me).

    First, you need to get back to the screen that you posted above.  Once there, don't worry about the "Type" first, instead go to the Action column in the far right.  And click on the "down arrow" that opens up the options.  Next, look at the "Type" column, I believe that you may then have option to change the account Type.  If not, go back to the "Action" column and set that to "Link to existing account" and then set the Type column. 

    Let me know how that goes and or if you have any followups.


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