Quicken ID and Blank Screen Issues

Quicken Version
Year: 2019
Version: R16.22
Edition: Canada (Subscription)

O/S: Windows 7 Professional - 6.1.7601 Service Pack 1 Build 7601

Today I opened one of my Quicken data files. I tried to import my most recent bank statement. A window popped up asking me to sign in with my Quicken ID. The window was blank and did not allow me to enter my credentials. At the same time I received a message on my cell phone asking me to sign in. I signed in on my phone and received a confirmation that everything was OK. Yet, the pop-up window on my computer did not disappear. I closed Quicken and reopened it. When I tried to import the bank statement again, the same blank window popped up.

After reading some tips on the Internet, I signed out of Quicken (via preferences). I reopened Quicken. This time, even before trying to import my bank statement, my data appeared for a few seconds, then everything went blank.

I tried to close and reopen Quicken several times, but without success. My data appears for a few seconds and then everything goes blank.

Please advise.


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