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when reporting on a Comparison report by category group I would like the difference calculation to be the opposite of what is calculated. For example:
Interest 10/1/21-10/31/21 -1000
Interest 10/1/22-10/31/22 -1500
Amount Difference 500
The current report shows the difference to be -500 which does not reflect the true variance which is an increase (or positive) expense.
The cash flow and income/expense reports show the "Amount Difference" as expected, but are not organized as I'd like, by category group
Interest 10/1/21-10/31/21 1000
Interest 10/1/22-10/31/22 1500
Amount Difference 500



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    Hi @twcrowell,

    So, to answer your question - which was "Possible?"  I would say the answer would be "No".

    Why? because what you are looking at is simply a comparison of YTD figures for various line items.  The data that is being compared is being displayed as year-to-date totals (without any signs because signs aren't necessary) and the "Amount Difference" is simply meant to show whether the Current Year amount was larger or smaller than the Prior Year amount.  Therefore if the current year amount is less than the prior year amount (for either an income or expense category) a minus sign ( - ) is used to make that point.

    Hope this helps your understanding of this Quicken report.


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