Budget Notes Feature Breaks When Moving to a New Budget Year (2023)

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Multiple issues with Budget Notes that were entered in 2022, moving into 2023, first reported by @jpavegas way back in July, 2022.   Some of these issues go back earlier ...


Still broken and then some.  May affect everyone transitioning their old budget from 2022 to new budget in 2023.   Summary below with illustrations.  

Anyone else?  If so, comment and report a problem in Quicken!

A new year is in front of us Quicken....how about fixing a broken window or two regarding budget notes before users start clicking on that right arrow to make a 2023 budget?

Using QW HBR, R45.7,  Validate not effective.  Created a new 2023 budget using the right arrow, copied budgeted categories from 2022.

In Annual view...

1.  Budget Notes created in 2022 are not editable in 2023.  Context menu does not recognize that a budget note is present

2.  Similarly, Budget Notes created in 2022 not able to delete in 2023.  Context menu does not recognize that a budget note is present

3.  New 2023 Budget Notes red indicator are not persistent (disappears) when closing and relaunching Quicken.   Budget note still present but no indication in the cell.

4.  In 2023, when editing or deleting a 2022 note, the 2023 note update is not persistent when closing and relaunching Quicken - 2023 newly edited note reverts back to 2022 note....

<EDIT> Fix this #4 by deleting the Budget note in the prior year, 2022.

5.  Budget Notes envelope (graph view) and red indicator (annual view) inconsistently displayed (sometime shows in one view but not the other)

6.  Impossibly small mouseover area around red arrow (to display Budget Note).  Hard to find the sweet spot to display Note!

In Graph view....

7.  Observed some ICON display inconsistencies in new 2023 budget, between annual and graph view, for Budget Notes coming over from 2022 and new ones created in 2023.

Here is a walk-through of #1 and #2.....expand and read the annotation in order. 







7.  But wait....there's more....

8. Okay, One more related to #3 above


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    Well documented!  Hopefully they will fix this, though I guess we should be grateful that we at least have not fallen victim to the "disappearing budgets" problem!

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    Seems like Jan 1 is a magical date.....Budget notes feature, broken in 2022 (see OP), now appears to be working in 2023 - At least the display of cells having notes in them. Image. 

    Although, the red indicators are way too small to display a mouseover.  

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    The issues described in the OP are still not fixed as of the current version R52.33. This is going to cause issues for those using budget and note features, as they transition to 2023 to 2024 budgets. An otherwise excellent feature, pushed out nearly 18 months ago, is falling short. 4 of 5 of these issues were reported, by various users, in pre-production testing. Fixes should have been part of the original development effort.

    To refresh, when a user transitions from current year budget to new year budget by clicking on the right arrow key (to increment the year):

    1. Budget notes get copied over to the new year but do not allow the user to edit or delete the note, in the new year. To delete the new year's budget note, the user must delete the prior year's budget note, erasing history! THAT IS NOT A WORKAROUND!

    2. Any new notes added to the new years budget do not retain the note icon when restarting Quicken or toggling back and forth between budget years….So, the user does not know where any particular note is because the icon is missing.

    Please fix these two immediately:

    • Address issue #1 by allowing the user to create, edit, retain or delete a budget note copied into the new year, independent of the prior year. That is, prior year history must be retained.
    • Address issue #2 by ensuring a new year's note icon remains persistent.

    After the above two issues are addressed, fix these:

    • Fix the impossibly small notes mouseover area around the red icon. Unusable as it stands as the user cannot find the hotspot.
    • Fix the icon display inconsistency of the notes icon in Graph View v. Annual View.
    • Allow the user, when they transition budget years to opt in/out of carrying the prior year notes forward to the new year.

    How about some resolution? A "report a problem" has been resubmitted.

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