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leonard kearney
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Schwab sent a "full redemption" transaction? does quicken not recognize this?
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  • MontanaKarl
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    My experience is that Quicken - both Windows and Mac - does not recognize maturing or called bonds.

    But, the entries it gives me - on both platforms - differ from your screenshot.   I always get a "DEPOSIT" for the gross maturity/redemption amount ... and have to edit it to change it to a Sell transaction, selecting the proper fixed income security from the drop-down.

    In both your and my case, it is annoying, but it seems to be Schwab's issue for not transmitting the property type of transaction to Quicken.  That said, it always does the same thing... so Quicken could certainly be programmed to recognize this strange sequence and enter the call/maturation as a 'Sell'.
    Quicken would also have to be smart enough to recognize that for tax exempt bonds, the cost basis is amortized up to the full redemption value at call or maturation resulting in zero capital gain.

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