Bill scheduling - why not give full control of schedule?

I have to schedule ordering my pills every 30 days as per my medical prescriptions. I have seen the 'The secret key' - it only allows for 'months'. This secret key would be great if it would allow me to select every 30 days. Can we expect a future update?


  • UKR
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    I'm not sure if the scheduling frequency "Daily" is in the works for Q Mac and if it'll be implemented soon ... or if it was added to a recent software update.
    In Quicken for Windows, "Daily" was recently added and can now be used.

    My 2cents', if I may:
    "Monthly on the nth day" or "Monthly on the last day" if possible would, IMHO, be close enough for this purpose.
    My health insurance provides me with a 100 days' supply of my meds. Would yours?
  • Grand-Pa
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    Sorry but this is the problem. Pills = every 30 days. At this time I have to schedule monthly but every other months I have to reschedule for months with 31 days (or even February 28 day/month) - it is a real pain because if I miss it then I fall back in the amount of pills left to complete my month. I am sure I am not the only one with this problem. It would be so much simpler to allow the selection of recurring days then I could forget about constantly adjusting this schedule. Certainly others need the daily schedule for other reasons.
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