Is there a problem with Franklin Templeton investment account downloads?

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Lost my investment register for Franklin Templeton. All I see are windows with investment info but no register of transactions and no update button.


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    Hi @Benwa,

    I think it is possible that you have inadvertently setup this investment account as a "Simple Investment" mode type account. Or that somehow this account has been changed from the usual "Complete" mode to the "Simple" mode. But you can fix that by taking these steps:

    1) Open the account register in Quicken and click on the little Gear icon at the top right > click on "Edit account details" > then for "Tracking method" select "Complete".  And please note that you may have to fix some transactions that were downloaded while the setting was in "Simple" mode.

    And if you want to make sure this doesn't happen again for any of your investing accounts, you can change a global setting to prevent this.  Just go to: "Edit" > "Preferences" > "Investment transactions" and make sure that the checkbox next to  "Enable Simple Investing (positions only)" is NOT checked.

    Let me know how that goes and/or if you have any questions or followups.


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