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Auto Fill Annoyances (Q Mac)

Teaman Member ✭✭
:s I keep having things like split transactions getting saved automatically into Auto-Fill for stores and then the next time I download transactions from the accounts paying for the purchases from that store, it auto-fills that same split info and screws it all all. Then I find the clear split functionality a pain to use as well. It's like the developer doesn't go through use-case scenarios for handling real life situations in Quicken. I almost NEVER want to use a previous split transaction again, particularly the amounts as they will differ. Saving split transactions should trigger a prompt at the least to ask if I want to save it in autofill. Otherwise it should just not go into autofill.

I also find the autofill saves the category. This is fine for stores that are always the same thing like Safeway is typically going to be Groceries. But I had a download of my credit card on file at Amazon autofill about a dozen purchases and categorized all of them as Computer. It turns out the last edit I made for an Amazon purchase was Computer so that was the autofill category of the hour for Amazon. So all dozen transactions got set to Computer. Turns out none of them were. This is not helpful! The app should somehow assist in helping us set up autofill correctly for our use case.

In general I find auto-saving of autofill to be nearly as annoying as it is helpful. This is because it auto-saves the last edit and stores the whole transaction practically. This is not desirable in most cases.

I hope Quicken will see this post and do something about it. How do others feel about it?


  • RickO
    RickO SuperUser, Mac Beta Beta
    This is a pretty easy fix. Just uncheck the box in the Preferences setting depicted below (menu Quicken > Preferences)...

    If you want to create a new QuickFill rule from an existing transaction, select the transaction and click menu Transactions > Save QuickFill Rule (Command-Y). If you want to create from scratch (or edit or delete) a QuickFill Rule, click menu Window > Payees & Rules, click the QuickFill Rules tab, and use the plus, minus and pencil icons at bottom left to create, delete or edit a rule.
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  • Teaman
    Teaman Member ✭✭
    Thank you for that help. Did not know that was there. I'll check that out.
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