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After using this community for several years, I wonder why I get this message frequently.  It occurs on my laptop occasionally but on my cell phone every time I access it when receiving the email from the community.  I suspect it may occur on the laptop after clearing cookies or using internet from a different IP address?  But why always on the phone access?   


  • NotACPA
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    That's the standard, but misleading, message when you come here and aren't already signed in.
    Ignore it and just sign in.
    Why the phone, I can't answer ... but it's also happening to me from my desktop PC.

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  • Ps56k2
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    It's just a random blip on the forum web server - that disconnects or clears the "cookie" from the web server to your forum login stored in your browser .... just login again, and you should be good to go - until it gets cleared again.
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