Tracking Roth Conversions for Taxable Income Reporting

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I transferred all positions for a single security from an IRA into a Roth and I can't find a way to include the amount on a report that I use for my YTD taxable income without adding additional transactions to the IRA account.  The Roth conversion transaction from Fidelity downloaded as 'Investments:Remove Shares' category into the IRA account and put the current value of the shares into the INVEST AMT field as a negative amount.  The corresponding transaction in the Roth account from Fidelity downloaded as 'Add Shares' with the INVEST AMT field containing the cost of the security. I found out is there is no way to include the INVEST AMT on a report.  

I would like to be able to change the DESCRIPTION/CATEGORY for the transactin in the IRA account to a category I use to report taxable income AND would need to see the INVEST AMT field on the report and give me the capability to have the INVEST AMT and AMOUNT fields give a single total on a report.  

A work around that I came up with was to add two transactions to the IRA account with the same date the conversion occurred. One transaction is a 'Payment/Deposit' with the DESCRIPTION/CATEGORY set to a category usable in a report and using the amount in the downloaded INVEST AMT field in the AMOUNT field.  This changed my cash balance so I added an off-setting 'Payment/Deposit' transaction with the negative amount and a category that I don't use for my report.  

If there is another way to capture IRA to Roth conversions in a report I would appreciate any suggestions. I will be doing a lot more Roth conversions and need to know how much is being added to my taxable income every year.  I tried using a tag on the IRA transaction from Fidelity and then using that tag in the transaction report and it doesn't appear in the report.

macOS 12.6
Version 6.10.3 (Build 610.46328.100)

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