How to move change a security symbol to cusip

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I must have entered a symbol, not cusip when I entered the bond purchase. How do I change it. Need to correct to track bond price history.


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    Hi @TBoyd,

    First, I suggest that you enter the bond information in Quicken. 

    1) Go to > Security List (Ctrl+L) and click on the "Add Security" button at the page bottom.
    2) In the pop-up window, click on the "Click here" link at the bottom;
    3) In the new window fill-in the relevant data - making sure that the "Security type" is set to "Bond" and click Next;
    4) In the next window - complete the additional information on the bond and click "Done".

    Then, you just need to enter the bond purchase date, cost and other relevant data.

    As a final step, I suggest that you delete the incorrect entries that you made as you noted in your post above.

    Let me know how that goes, or you have any questions.


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