As with BofA, the Chase Bank transactions are not downloaded. When is the fix?

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When the new method of download was introduced, both BofA and Chase no longer download transactions autoamtically. It's pretty time consuming to employ alternatives. When do you expect the fix? For BofA the announcment says the week of 11/21. How about Chase?


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    H @akcharg

    As best as I can say, there is no "fix" either expected or anticipated.

    Both BoA and Chase have transitioned their systems to what is now referred to as Express Web Connect Plus or EWC+.  If you haven't already, I suggest that you, too, transition your accounts at both of these financial institutions to those new platforms.  There is ample information both here in this forum, and within information provided by the banks themselves to their customers to assist you in the transition.

    However, as you go forward with that, please feel free to post here about any specific issues you might encounter.


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    Frankx, thank you for your input. I'm able to download both the BofA and Chase accounts into my Quicken, but I have to do it manually for each account at each bank. What is gone is the automatic download from these banks into Quicken with a single click to update all accounts.
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    Hi @"akcharg ,

    You need to Deactivate all Online Services from all your Chase Accounts, before adding them back. Follow the Onscreen Instructions to reconnect.

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    akcharg said: When the new method of download was introduced, both BofA and Chase no longer download transactions autoamtically.
    huh - there is no FIX, several banks are migrating away from a downloading protocol called Direct Connect,
    and migrating to a new one called EWC+
    You can continue to download using Quicken One Step Update,
    BUT - you need to walk thru a Quicken migration set of steps for each bank and all of their Quicken accounts....
    Here is a list of steps that I used for my Chase migration to EWC+
    Here are the steps I used ...
     - running R43.26  - created Backups - ran - File --> Validate --> [x] Validate
    1 - went thru and manually DE-activated ALL my Chase accounts before even starting this process.
    2 - also went thru and CLOSED any old Chase accts that were in fact actually closed.
    3 - the Opening Balance in one acct was trashed - SO ... pre-copy it into the Memo field before starting migration
    4 - then did an ADD ACCOUNT for Chase - and followed the directions to Authorize, Select which accts, etc
    5 - all accounts showed up with their nicknames and able to LINK to their existing Quicken accts
    6 - screen said that 5,300 transactions were downloaded - in fact, none actually showed up.
    7 - only 1 dup during this process.
    8 - next day - OSU - and a handful of dup transactions downloaded - from around 9/2/22 - and today is 9/18/22
    9 - will see how next week goes... with OSU and dups.

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