When are you going to fix problem that Fidelity doesn't download-

When are you going to fix problem that Fidelity doesn't download - problem since October!! Multiple reports on this - system now unusable - seems it start with the Chase update


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    Hi @wjoej

    Can you provide us with more information so that we can try to assist you?

    First - you used the "Quicken on the Web" heading - can you confirm that this issue is limited to your use of "Quicken on the Web"? If not, can you explain where you are in Quicken when you receive the "system now unusable" warning?  And is the issue only with respect to Fidelity Investments, or are there other accounts when you get that "problem" message?

    Can you also confirm that you have been unable to download any transactions into your Fidelity account(s) since last month?  And can you tell me what the potential connection might be with Chase, other than the timing of the original issue - also whether you are successfully downloading/connecting with yout Chase acccount(s). 

    Any additional information will help us to help you.  Thanks so much!


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    I have been having a problem for several months now that the cash balances do not update correctly on 2 larger files. Two smaller files have had no problems.

    This last update at end of November provided complete garbage on one file. It downloaded about 40 transactions for the month when Fidelity only showed 28 transactions. This was an unusually large transaction month. This month the other 3 files (accounts) were OK>

    I have not yet checked to see if shares are correct.

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