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The reason Tangerine QFX downloads don't work

Poco Dan
Poco Dan Member ✭✭
Tangerine QFX downloads don't work is because their FITID numbers are mostly the same.
When a download is done from their QFX, only a few of the entries appear in Quicken. If you open the QFX in notepad you can see the reason is the first entry with a unique FITID number enters quicken, and all the rest of the entries with the same FITID number don't appear. This is because Quicken uses those unique FITID number to know the entry isn't a repeat and the FITID numbers are suppose to be all unique. In Tangerines case, the give the same FITID number to many entries. I've ben going in Notepad and adding a digit to all the repeat FITID numbers and they come in fine though I may be shooting myself in the foot later but I was tired of missing entries.


  • Poco Dan
    Poco Dan Member ✭✭
    I tried telling them about it but was told not to bother and they were working on it.
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