All my Budgets are missing

I tried to access my Budget this morning only to find it missing as well as all previous years Budgets. When I try using the wizard to rebuild a budget I get a screen that says:
"Add a Budget for 2021 (a year ago)"
"To add a budget for 2021"
"Copy 2022 to budget categories and budget values to 2021"
None of this makes sense to me, what happened to years of budgets, Why is it asking to populate a budget from 2021? All validations, regular and super come back with no errors.

Is anyone else experiencing this and any solutions of recommendations? Thank you


  • bmciance
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    There was a bug introduced in this area several months ago (maybe 6?) which wipes out budgets.  For me, restoring a recent backup (I do a backup every time I exit Quicken) fixes the issue (until it happens again)  It seems to happen at random times.  I am keeping my fingers crossed as it hasn't happened to me in at least a few weeks (maybe a month)  Try restoring a recent backup and see if you get your budgets back.

  • mshiggins
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    There is a lengthy discussion on the disappearing budget issue here:

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