Downloading transactions from Chase with more than one set of accounts.

I have two sets of accounts at Chase. One is for personal accounts, the other is for business accounts. To access data on Chase each has a different username and password. When I activate each set with the bank using Quicken, I get a message that the download activation has been successful. But, when I then try downloading in Quicken I get an error that Quicken can't find the business accounts within the set of personal accounts, or vice-versa. If I deactivate either the personal accounts or the business accounts I am able to download successfully without error. End result: I cannot simultaneously download both sets of accounts. Any help with this will be appreciated. Thanks.


  • lngirard0527
    lngirard0527 Member ✭✭
    I think I solved this. I checked to see what other Chase downloads were available. There are several. I decided to try "Chase Investments-New". It worked. I was able to add the business accounts without having to remove the personal accounts. All is fine.
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