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For many months now after ATB updated to their allegedly "new & improved" system, the download of ATB credit card transactions has not worked correctly. (1) the online balance is always reported in Quicken as zero. I believe the problem arises because the system is first totalling the amount of the transactions downloaded and subtracting the balance amount from the alleged balance. Hard to explain but I saw this occur when I created a new account in an attempt to solve problem. (2) After the new system, transactions from 2 cards associated with the same physical account now need 2 separate accounts to enable download of ALL account transactions. This is more than a little annoying. (3) Frequently a transaction that has been accepted by the bank (i.e., no longer pending) will not show up in the online transaction list anywhere and does not download although it is accounted for in the online total associated with the account. I have tried to solve problems 1 and 2 with ATB with zero success.


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    Hi @RDKQuicken

    Can you tell us the method you are using to download this credit card?  You can find this easily by opening up the credit card register and at the very top of the register you should see "Last download" and then a date & time, and lastly it should indicate the download method.

    On your point (2) - the separation of credit card data into "2 separate accounts" is really something that Quicken has no control over - that is determined by the financial institution.

    On your point (3) - can you please clarify what you mean when you say: "will not show up in the online transaction list anywhere and does not download although it is accounted for in the online total associated with the account"?  I think you are saying that there are transactions that are processed by the bank but they never appear in any downloaded data.  Is that correct?  If so, can you describe the type of transaction(s), and are they all the same type?

    Get back to us and we'll go from there.  Thanks.


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    2. Perhaps I wasn't clear--it is ONE ATB credit card account but my husband has his own card so he has a different card number associated with his transactions. Prior to the update, the transactions associated for each of our cards would ONLY be identified in/on our statement; ALL of the downloaded transactions from both cards for the ONE account would link to the same Quicken Account in Quicken. Worked great. Now, all of the transactions from both of us still download together from the ONE ATB account but Quicken would not process the download until I created another account to accept those transactions with my husband's card number. Took me awhile to determine this would "fix" my download problem; however unsatisfactory the result, at least I could download/process the transactions--and is the reason I think I know how the zero online balance is created. :) Hope that makes sense!
    3. Yes, one or more of the most recent transactions are processed by the bank but do not appear in the download. However a day or so later in a subsequent download they will turn up.

    Thank you so much for your help!!!
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