Why is one stock reporting wrong price while others are accurately reported

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Win 10 desktop, updated to latest version, update tried three times. 11/29/2022 close shows PG at incorrect price as well as 0 high, 0 low, and zero volume (in price history box), while all other stocks (over 25) show accurate close prices (and other stats).  I plan to wait until tomorrow and try update again, but does anyone have an explanation for this behavior? 


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    Hi @Ken45140,

    That is very likely an issue with your brokerage account (either not having the price data yet, or not properly reporting on that security yet).  You could try looking at your online brokerage account to see if that is consistent with what is coming into your via Quicken.   I am not seeing that behavior by PG today.


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    Thanks. Price is ok with next day update. All is good.
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    @Ken45140 ,
    may I ask at what time of day you usually update your quotes?
    It's been my experience that waiting until past 5 pm ET (1 hour after market close) will give you all stock and mutual fund end of day quotes.
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