Why does the "Contact us", "Call us", and "Chat" not work?

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Other than this community forum, how does one reach Quicken tech support?
(Yes, I tried two different browsers with no luck)
They don't even allow a tag of "Tech Support"... "Customer Service" or [Removed - Disruptive].

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  • Rocket J Squirrel
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    Your browsers probably are set to disallow pop-ups. You need to allow them on that page for the Call Us and Chat With Us buttons to work.
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  • JN Halvo
    JN Halvo Member
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    Rocket J Squirrel - That was an excellent suggestion, but unfortunately, it didn't work. I tried using FireFox and Chrome with no luck. I wish I could post screen shots here for reference... Again, [removed - profanity] support.
  • JN Halvo
    JN Halvo Member
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    I did find this:
    Quicken Support - (650) 250-1900
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