Possible Mac Reports Bug

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I'm running MacOS 10.15.7, Version 6.10.3 (Build 610.46328.100)

(I was hoping someone else could see if they have the same issue.)
When I go to "All Transactions" and search for "Charity", then I "Control Click" (right click), on a transaction, and select "Report on Charity" from the drop-down menu. Then go to the "edit" menu in the report, and change "All Dates" to "This Year" The resulting report does not contain all of my "Charity" transactions.

But if i create a "Charity Report" using the "Reports" Menu at the top, same parameters, I do get all the transactions. In the Screenshot I uploaded, you can see the "Control Click" report on the left, then the full report on the right.

I only have one "Charity" Category. I tried to chat with Quicken about it, but I could not fully explain the issue. Using Charity is just an example, it happens on all the reports I
have checked. I know I have run reports in the past without this issue, not sure when it changed. thanks


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    Interesting. I tried to replicate but could not.

    Only thing I can think of is to carefully go through the report customization on your control-click report and make sure transactions aren't being filtered by some other parameter such as Account, Tag, etc. Another option would be to change Row: Time to Row: Category on the control-click report and see if it changes which transactions are included (which would indicate a bug).
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