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Are we able to sync my Quicken data? I have my data being sync'd from my Desktop. I see the QDF file in the Quicken ID and Cloud Accounts (Preferences) but I cannot seem to sync this file to my Laptop's Quicken. Is this a possibility to sync. If no, what is sync good for? Any help in understanding this process would be great, thx


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    The Mobile and Web Sync option is something that allows one to remotely see a subset (not the entirety) of the data in your main data file (QDF) on your computer.  It also allows you to perform some updates in your smart phone or Internet browser which can then be synced back to the original data file on your computer.  But we are not able to transfer data from this sync process to any other data file than the one it originated from.   The intent of these optional Quicken functions is to allow one to see their financials (or at least a good portion of that data) when they are not able to access it on their main computer.  Many people use Mobile or Quicken on the Web when they are traveling, at work or out running errands so they can get a quick snapshot while on the go.
    Another thing to keep in mind is that it is not recommended to have the same QDF file on 2 separate computers.  To do so introduces risk of inconsistencies in the data between the two identical QDF files and potential for non-repairable data integrity issues.
    One other thing:  If you are not using the Mobile and/or Quicken on the Web features it is a good idea to turn off Sync (Edit > Preferences > Mobile and Web > Sync = OFF > OK).
    Quicken does have a web-based platform called Simplifi and you can read up more on it here:  If you really want to be able to equally access all of your financial data from multiple computers or other devices with browsers then perhaps Simplifi will meet your needs.  But note that Simplifi is not compatible with Quicken so you will not be able to transfer your Quicken data to would instead be like starting over.
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