Fifth-Third Bank Password length

On multiple occasions I've received a message from Quicken when I try to update my 5/3 password that "The information Quicken has from Fifth Third Bank is that the password can be no longer than 12 characters long." I have checked with Fifth Third Bank and they say this information is incorrect - the length can be up to 24 characters. Please fix this.


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    The bank, when making changes to the transaction download processes, must review and update their download programs and also contact the appropriate people at Intuit (and other third party data aggregators) and inform them of the change. Until that has been done, the old password length rules stay in effect.
    If you know how to look up the OFX log file in Quicken, you will find what information is downloaded from the bank. Part of each download is a data block describing the password rules.
    For example,
    I do believe that the bank must change this in their download programs, to tell your Quicken program about the password rules in effect.
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    That seems to be the trick. As I type this I'm on the phone with a CSR. Thanks.
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