Eliminating values of a closed fund

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First off - my fund had a total of 76 shares. Then, I sold 76 shares and transferred the money to my FDIC account. But, it wouldn't let me - saying I have zero shares. But I could sell those shares and not transfer the resulting total. Then, I ended up with a negative value. How do I get rid of a negative value when all shares have been sold - and for a profit.


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    It sounds like you have an account where you have multiple funds and they are all single mutual fund accounts, where every fund has shares, but no cash in them - that is, all funds automatically purchase shares with any cash in, so there is always a $0.00 cash value (and even your FDIC account uses shares at $1 per share). I created a Fund xchg account, NOT a single mutual fund account, where I transferred the cash out from one sale and then transferred the cash into another fund, creating a new sale. Example: Sell shares in Fund A and transfer cash to Fund xchg account. Transfer cash from Fund xchg account to Fund B, which automatically purchases shares with the cash. The Fund xchg account also has a $0.00 balance, because each Cash In is followed by a Cash Out for the identical amount.

    Quicken doesn't let you transfer money/shares the way mutual fund companies do. A mutual fund company lets you transfer money without going through all the individual steps of selling the fund, waiting for the cash settlement, moving the cash to the new fund, and then finally purchasing shares in the new fund. You just simply tell the mutual fund company to transfer money from here to here. The mutual fund company's short cut is too complex for Quicken, so you need to step in and do the steps manually so Quicken can understand your money moves. It took me a while to figure out how to do this, but once I did, I got rid of all the negative values with my transfers.

    Account setup pic:

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