A problem with "Suggest reminders"

Warning: Detailed and boring.

"Decline all suggested reminders" is not an available choice, nor is the "Undo" operation. Only the first two choices (Review, Suggest) are selectable. I don't use Bill Pay and do not intend to do so, now or later. I use manual reminders regularly, since forever.

Entering a quarterly reminder for a bill I have manually paid in Quicken for 20+ years. Editng the default household transaction (touch memo, change the payment account, update amount, next check, do it) loads a transaction from the business side of the house (same payee, split transaction, no reminder for that transaction) and says, "There is no need to use a minus sign in the amount, Quicken has removed it for you automatically" ... and the amount field has no focus available / becomes un-editable. The same result occurs applying any of "Enter", "Edit only this instanace", "Edit all future instances" for this reminder.

Oops. But this isn't the problem. I haven't yet tried just entering the tranaction as reminded and then editing the result, and I expect that would work. (It did.) But somehow I am getting prompted to find the online instance for the local municipality payee. It doesn't exist / that won't work. Check help for "turn this off", found it. "Decline all suggested reminders" is deactivated ... but I notice that somewhere in this process a "Link it now" prompt that has the focus ihas appeared on the transaction entry screen.

So .... the problem is that I cannot activate "decline all suggested reminders". All of the rest of the above is window(s) dressing / decoration for what appears to be a bug report.

Windows 10 Home & Biz subscription current. Entering and then editing the transaction works, but Ctrl-J / Options still exhibits the lack of a "decline all" option. Given a choice, I'd prefer manually invoking the search function when it was convenient for me.

Hope that helps.

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