Mouse pointer disappears on quicken only

Just bought updated to windows 11 and got a quicken subscription. My mouse pointer works everywhere except over the quicken window. Tried sharing my screen with Quicken support and they can see my mouse pointer but I can't. Tried installing multiple times, and messing with mouse settings. Trying this on a Lenovo Yoga laptop. There is an old thread titled "Quicken wireless mouse pointer disappears and program freezes" but is was closed out without posting a solution. Any ideas?


  • Solved!!! My laptop is a 2-in-1 with touch screen. It has a permanently attached keyboard. Windows 11 got rid of the ability to turn on/off tablet mode. My machine was defaulting to tablet mode. I attached a wireless keyboard to turn off tablet mode. Problem solved. Everything works (touch screen, wireless mouse, attached keyboard, and wireless keyboard)
  • rkmille
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    That's great, but I don't have a wireless keyboard. Any other suggestions? Same problem. 2-in-1 laptop with windows 11.
  • rkmille
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    Well, it seems that simply rebooting solved my problem! Yay!
  • this happened to me today too, mouse wouldn't show in any of quicken screen --- but works in all other windows
  • Iselgis
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    Same issue. Surface laptop (keyboard is not removable) and mouse pointer doesn’t show when using trackpad. Have been using the touchscreen as a work around but very cumbersome. Rebooting didn’t help. Any other ideas?
  • Stumpie
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    I have the same issue with Surface laptop. Very very cumbersome. Is there a fix???
  • UKR
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    I don't have a Surface laptop, just an old fashioned traditional laptop.
    Going into Control Panel / Mouse Properties under Pointer Options there are several options titled "Visibility". Have you experimented with enabling or disabling one or more of the available settings?
    (OK, so this image is from Windows 8.1 ... I know, old fashioned, soon to become a dinosaur)
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