Does anyone have issues with downloading Canadian Mutual Funds?

gini2000 Member
None of my Securities have updated in the last few weeks. I have funds with Great West and Canada Life.
Win Q Canada - Deluxe version R45.18


  • Arctic Hare
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    My Canadian securities have continued to update normally this week; however, I do not have any securities from Canada Life or GWL (which are the same company since CL bought GWL). The problem may be specific to the Canada Life & GWL family of funds. If you post a specific fund code here, someone might try to set up that security and test the download. Likewise you could test a fund that does download for someone else. For example, try Mawer Canadian Equity Class (MAW106). Make sure to pick the "Mutual Fund" exchange when setting it up as a test security.

    If you can confirm - via the test proposed - that the problem is isolated to CL & GWL, then you should report this problem to Quicken either using the Report a Problem feature in the Help menu or by contacting Customer Support. They can inform their provider of security price info.
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