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About a week ago, Quicken started telling me I had one uncategorized transaction, for zero dollars. When I click on it, nothing is there. Now, it is telling me I have two...

Anyone know where I can get to these transactions to update or delete them?

Windows 11, version R45.13, build


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    You can click on "reports" then select "transactions" and scroll through this year's transactions (Or select a time frame to search) and look for a 0.00 transaction or an uncategorized transaction, open the transaction and then delete the transaction -or-

    if it has a zero dollar amount then it hasn't been reconciled, so the next time you perform a reconciliation it should show up as an unreconciled transaction. Open the transaction from the reconciliation window and delete it.
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    Thank you! OK, I ran a Spending by Category report so now at least I know which account is causing the issue. I'ts my checking, and it looks like it's a zero entry for 401k employer match, coming from my paycheck. I set up my paycheck so many years ago I don't even remember what I did. However, it's got an EDIT but no DELETE option. If I choose EDIT, there is nowhere to put a category.
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    Is the 401(k) contribution for a Roth 401(k)? If so, this recent discussion may be relevant:


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    It is not a Roth, but it seems like a similar issue. Thanks...
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