Settings for opening an account register

One of of my CC accounts opens to older transactions - now almost 2 years old; all others open to most recent; how to fix the 1 so I do not have to scroll up 2 years every time I open


  • RickO
    RickO SuperUser, Mac Beta Beta
    I have had some luck by scrolling to the top of the register, making some minor change to the top transaction, saving it, then immediately quitting Quicken. Doesn't always work though.

    Aside from that, the home key on the keyboard will jump you to the top of the register. Fn-leftarrow or Cmd-leftarrow if you don't have a physical home key.
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  • cmccaffrey4118_
    Worked on first go round! Let's see if it sticks. By reverse logic, perhaps the last action I had taken, manually, on that account was to edit the older transaction, and it kept going back to it? Goofy, but might make sense.
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