How can I adjust or remove "overdue payments" from Projected Balance?

I have no "overdue" payments, but my projected balance includes "overdue payments." I would like to delete and/or adjust this amount.


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    Look in Tools / Manage Bill & income Reminders.
    Select the All Bills & Deposits tab.
    Sort the list by Due Date (click the column header to sort)
    At the top of the list you should now have one or more Past Due (or Overdue) reminders.
    Figure out why you didn't record these reminders on due date.
    Click each of these reminders to Skip the occurrence until you're no longer past due. If you don't need the reminder any longer, click to select it then click Delete in the Menu Bar.
    Scheduled Reminders should be recorded into the registers before their due date, to allow downloaded transactions to be matched with them.
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