Uncategorized transaction issue related to 401k contributions & match

tim222tim Member
I maxed out my deductible 401k contributions this year but am still making spillover contributions and continue to get my company match.

On my last couple paychecks "Employee Contribution Transfer" item is 0, as it should be. Quicken is flagging this as an uncategorized transaction even though it was originally entered with a category. Sure enough, when I go into the paycheck there is no category on that line. If I put a category in, Quicken still saves that item without a category so long as the amount is 0. If I remove the "Employee Contribution Transfer" line altogether then Quicken also removes the "Employee Match" line as well.

This issue must have been introduced in the last year, because my paycheck transaction from a year ago are saved with a 0 value for "Employee Contribution Transfer" but still have a category.

Any help will be appreciated.


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