Transfer of more money is called a top payee (Q Mac, Home, new Dashboard)

Williamchik Member ✭✭
Wondering why when I go to "Home" from my checking account window and in the "Dashboard" tab in what they call "Top Spending Payees" my transfers from my savings to checking account are also noted as top spending payees along with the actual "real" top payees. Thus it puts the transfer money into the total money payout which is kind of deceiving. The transfers come into checkin as like a deposit "green" and now are called expense I suppose. Kind of a glitch maybe?


  • kps1
    kps1 Member ✭✭
    I have the same complaint. The graphs on the dashboard treat transfers as an expense. You can create your own graphs and exclude transfers by unchecking "Transfers" under the "Category Groups" tab. But I can't see why this would be used by default in the dashboard. For me, it invalidates the Income & Expense, and Top Payees charts. A transfer is normally neither an income nor an expense. I would like to be able to turn this off "globally".
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