Bank of America Bills No Longer Download When Scheduled

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  • Heather R.
    Heather R. Member ✭✭
    I'm a long-time Quicken user and up until a few months ago bills that I've scheduled to be paid via Bank of America's online bill pay no longer immediately download to Quicken. They don't come into Quicken until the bill is paid/clears through Bank of America. At first I thought it was a glitch that would eventually be corrected but it's still the case. This creates a ton more time on my end because then I have to manually enter the bills into Quicken in order to get an accurate picture of where my balance is/will be in the future. It defeats the purpose of downloading from the bank when I end up having to do it manually!! I'm getting the run-around from both Quicken and BofA as they seem to be pointing the finger at each other which ends up with me pointing a certain finger of my own at both of them. Hoping there is some way to work around this!!
  • Mark1104
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    @heather R. - there are numerous posts on these board on what has occured.  Basically, when EWC+ was introduced, it 'changed the game'.  That communication protocol only supports actual transactions that have occurred, and does not support future transactions.  Billpay by definition is a future transaction as it has not been debited from your checking account yet.  

    the new communications protocol was implemented to provide more data protection and security and Billpay was the 'collateral damage' as a result.  

    The workaround is to find other ways to pay bills than using a check!

    but I have to ask? why use Billpay that frequently?  there are so many alternatives to using checks (which is really what Billpay is)? How bout using a credit card /debit card at the biller's website? auto-debit, etc.  I used to use Billpay 3-4 times a month but have whittled that down to maybe once every six months.  there are just so many other ways to pay bills these days that are just as secure.....

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