Automated updates for Brokerage Accounts not syncing

El Hud
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I have Windows and when I updated to Version R45 approx. six weeks ago, my brokerage information would download in the banks ledger, however, it would not populate on my INVESTING tab Portfolio page and the balance was off. I received information to roll back my version to R44.28. I've rolled back to 44.28, 44.27, 44.25 and now on 44.23. Every time I try to Sync, none of the trades that are currently open or the ones that I have closed are populating in the Portfolio page of the Investing tab. Have I lost those transactions? Do I have to manually enter them? (They are option trades; I've done it before but time consuming) Please inform


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    Hi @El Hud,

    Depending on the timing of your "roll back", the answer is likely "yes" - you will need to manually enter the trades that did not properly download while you were using versions after R44.28.  The problem is that those transactions while you were on R45, didn't download correctly because transaction data was corrupted.  But once you downloaded the incomplete information - if you tried to accept it - it will not download again, ever though your rolled-back the version.

    Sorry for the trouble.


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