Popups and category drop down list not working

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For quite awhile now I've had intermittent issue whereby popups such as those asking if I want to sync to cloud and transaction download summary appear with only partially completed information (missing option boxes at bottom of window). At same time, when accepting a downloaded transaction the category drop down box does not populate thus I can't add category to a transaction. When all this occurs I can't even close the application as it requires response to the sync popup window. As result I have to use task manager to close application (not good way to close). Then when I launch Quicken it works fine again for a few days. Any idea why this is occurring? I don't think its a PC issue as other applications work fine. Perhaps I need to close Quicken daily but have never needed to do so in the past. Anyone else seeing this issue for past month+?


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    It has always been recommended to close Quicken at end of day and create a backup of your Quicken data file.
    There's a possibility that a recently introduced change in Quicken may be contributing to this problem. While the programmers are looking into it, I urge you to close and backup Quicken daily from now on.

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    Will do. Thanks!
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