RE: ONGOING 12/13/22 Truist - OL-293/294/297/301

My connection with Truist with code 297 has been ongoing since 11/1/22!!!!! Quicken simply will not connect to Truist and update.

Is there a workaround yet? I have 13 accounts not updating. I can create a new file and connect with the new file. Is there a method of connection that seems to work? i.e Direct Connect vs Web Express. Going on 7 weeks and getting impatient.
Quicken user for 15+ years. Phil H Charlotte, NC


  • So I fixed mine today.
    I changed my default browser from Chrome to Internet Explorer.
    I disconnected all 13 Truist accounts from updating (Some were hidden and some had Bill Pay.......I don't use Bill Pay. I suspect that Truist did something on their end and it messed up an ability to connect on my end)
    I then took note of all account numbers and then Added Account: Truist Bank (I Did not Use Truist Online) it was quite slow so I walked away but when I returned it found all of my account and I simply had to link them carefully. No duplications and now all works. I wish someone had posted a full disconnect from each/every account at Truist and then reconnecting each one would fix my 297 error.
    I was lucky to not have any duplication in my accounts when reconnecting as I have had to go through in the past for hours and delete duplicate transactions when rebuilding a file. Oh, I connected with Web Express............I don't think you can do that connection if you are using Bill Pay but not sure.
    Merry Christmas. Phil H Charlotte, NC
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