I have an income reminder set up that shows income is overdue when it isn't

I set up an income reminder for my paychecks so that I could keep track of pre-tax and post-tax deductions (for Fed Tax estimation) and it doesn't recognize when the actual paycheck is posted. It shows as overdue, when I add it to the register it doubles the deposit amount. Should I just delete the deposit that occurred when I updated my checking account?


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    Hi @Rauel,

    I would recommend that you delete the reminder. 

    I assume that the download is an accurate entry based on your payroll information and the reminder is really redundant.  If you want to keep the income reminder (which seems not to work) then delete it and add a new reminder based on the downloaded transaction (i.e. use that transaction as the basis for the income reminder).

    Let me know if you have any followups.


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    @Rauel, the trick is to Enter the paycheck reminder into your account register before you download transactions. Then assuming the paycheck transaction created from the reminder and the downloaded paycheck transaction are for the same amount, the downloaded transaction will Match the transaction already entered in the account register. 

    For the case where you have both the transaction from the Entered paycheck reminder and the transaction from the downloaded paycheck transaction in your account register, click on the pencil icon in the Entered paycheck reminder to access the “Match to a downloaded transaction” function. 

    Regarding the downloaded paycheck transaction, it will just be for the net amount of the paycheck, it will not have the tax withholding info. If you want to track the paycheck deductions, they will have to come from the paycheck reminder. 

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