Why doesn't Quicken remember the exact amounts of a split bill reminder?

I have a recurring bill that combines charges to several categories (e.g. electric and water). Each category has a separate charge listed on the bill, but the total is simply deducted from my bank account in one payment. I tried to set this up in Bills, Income & Transfers as a recurring bill with a split and to use the last payment as the amount for the next payment. I expected this to populate the different lines of the split with the separate charges from the last bill, much like my paycheck reminder populates all the lines of taxes and deductions every time. Instead, all the split categories have zeros in the amount and only the total amount is remembered (and appears on a line after the last split). Why does this happen and is there any way to make this work as expected?


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    I don't think that any information downloaded from the biller will contain split detail for electric and water usage.
    To solve this issue, I recommend you do the following:
    • Unlink this biller in Quicken or delete it.
    • Set up or modify a scheduled reminder with the split detail. Do not link this reminder to the biller.
    • Contact the biller's website and allow the biller to automatically debit your checking account (or a credit card) every month on Due Date.
    • Record the scheduled reminder when you receive notice about a new statement being available, even if that's 3 weeks before due date. Enter the split details from the statement.
    • On or after due date, when you download transactions from the bank, the debit transaction will come in. Quicken will match that with the already existing register transaction without changing any split details.
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