On budgets why personal income not displaying only expenses?

joeOH Member
Looks like happened after quicken update
Makes budgets completely worthless
Tried copy file no change
Looks like error correction update necessary
if I export budgets to excel personal income shows up
Setting up 2023 budget doesn't display personal income


  • UKR
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    edited December 2022
    In your Budget view, when selecting to "Manage Budget Categories", have you selected any categories in the Personal Income and/or Business and Rental Income category groups?
    Are you using "home grown" Income and Expense category groups other than the predefined groups, Personal Income, Personal Expense, etc.?
    Creating a new budget table from scratch only includes expense categories.
    To start a 2023 budget and keep all categories and any rollover amounts intact, you should simply extend your Annual Budget view to the next year.
  • DennisLLynn
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    You mean to tell me I can't setup a budget from scratch and include income? That's not even a budget. I just purchased Quicken Deluxe - looks like a mistake.
  • UKR
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    After the budget has been created and pre-populated with Expense categories based on your transaction history, you can easily add the missing Income categories. Just open the budget, click Manage budget categories and select the Personal Income and/or Business Income categories as needed.
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