Is it possible to get a report on transactions noted as transfers? (Q Mac)

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I'm trying to clean up some Quicken accounts that have transfers noted. Transactions such as those in Venmo are recorded as transfers, but then you don't capture the income or expense categories resulting in incorrect data. I'm doing this for household expenses for myself and elderly family members, not professionally so accounting rules can be ignored. Specifically, I need to compare transfers between my account and theirs to be sure they are accurate, but I can't find a way to get a listing of transfers made. Thanks.


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    Bring up a Transactions by Category report, then select the Edit button. On the Category tab deselect all categories except Uncategorized, and on the Advanced tab select "Include All Transfers". That should get you pretty close to what you're looking for, I think. You can narrow it down even further by selecting specific accounts on the Accounts tab.

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