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The reports I have used for years to track margin expense no longer work. They come back blank, no transactions found. I have tried every variation, but the Action selection of MargInt comes back blank even though in the register I can see actions of this type. I only use this report once per year prepping for taxes so I do not know when it stopped working correctly.


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    Can't speak about Investment Transaction reports, where these Margin Expense items should be listed.
    If you're using a Saved Report, created in an older release of Quicken ... they sometimes don't work when called up again. It might be best to start from scratch, with a "raw" report and then try filtering it to what you want to see. If you get it working, save the report again, replacing the old saved report.
    Alternatively, the reports called Tax Schedule and Tax Summary should have your Margin Expense transactions, together will all the other taxable items.
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    that was great advice. Starting with a base/raw report worked. thanks. Looks like Quicken changed something between Margin Expense and Int Expense.
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