Merging 2 credit cards on same account together in quicken

I have one Chase credit card account and 2 cards, one for me and one for my wife both with different numbers. They come in as 2 separate accounts in Quicken. When I pay off the card monthly, the payment only shows in my wife's card, but it really applies to the balances in both. Can I put these two cards together in quicken so all the charges and payments show in one credit card account?


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    If the bank considers them two different cards, then I know of no way you can download them into the same Quicken account. However, if you really want all the charges and payments to show in one Quicken account, you can drag and drop all transactions from one of the accounts to the other one in the sidebar, so all transactions are in one account. But you'd have to do this after every time you download.

    I have two Chase cards, but they are different numbers and different accounts. That is, I get separate statements for each (one is Chase Amazon and one is Chase Freedom). They are accesses from the same Chase online account, but that's the only thing they have in common.

    If your two cards show up on a single monthly statement, that would be a different situation and perhaps somebody else in that situation will know of a way to get them to show up in a single Quicken account.
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    You might want to discuss this situation with the Chase credit card customer service. They may have a way to treat charges from both cards as if there is only one card account.
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  • Sounds like you are saying I can't do it on the Quicken side?
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