Budget Planning Header and Current Budget Report

I have been using Quicken for a long time and have always wanted to ask these question.

See images attached. On the Planning screen, how are the "Budget-2023" and "2023" fields supposed to be used in best practices. I have always made them the same but I am guessing there is more to this than I know.

Also, in the Current Budget report, what is the difference between the Budget and Budget Year fields? Again, I have always made them the same.

Thank you.


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    You don't need to create new budget tables for each new year unless you're trying to totally reinvent the wheel.
    Instead, extend your budget table named "Budget-2022" into 2023 by clicking the ">" button in the header line. After that, rename the budget to just "Budget" or some other name not containing the year number.
    I've been using a single budget table, "Budget 2" for several years.
    Old, abandoned budget tables from prior years should be deleted, to reduce unneeded calculations. Quicken always recalculates all existing budget tables, used or not, whenever you work with transactions.
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