The c did not change to R?

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I manually reconcile my account each month. Today when I opened to reconcil my account for December I see that the start date was back in October instead of November. And all the c's were not changed to R when I reconciled my account in November. How can I adjust this?


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    Interesting, the same thing happened to me.
     I reconcile credit cards monthly against paper statements when it's time to pay them. A few days ago, I went into a credit card account and it showed it had not been reconciled since October even though 2 subsequent payments had been made. All the R's back to October were c's. And the balance was off by $1,785.31 which happened to be the exact amount of a payment made way back in 2012. Validation showed nothing in the log.
    I just re-reconciled to the most recent statement and let Quicken add the balance adjustment and it's fine. But puzzling.

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    I have sever al accounts which do not reconcile at all, others work ok.
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