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I am prepping my tax information for the 2022 returns. When I ran a Tax Schedule or Tax Summary, it was missing data that should be there. Looking at the register, the net amount showed up, but going into the details, the gross pay and deductions were all zero for two paychecks. I had put in the information for a bill and income reminder. The categories were there but the amounts were zero.
I went into the two entries and manually corrected them and the reports then ran correctly. I validated and super validated, both of which showed no errors.
I was able to fix the incorrect entries, but am concerned that other errors may be hiding behind the scenes. Has anybody had a similar experience, have any idea what could cause this, or how to check for other similar errors?


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    I have a similar issue when I look at my 1099-R data.  One particular account shows the withholding tax from 01-01-2022 thru 01-15-2023 (1 month too many) and doesn't show the gross amount for Jan thru Apr of 2022 but includes the amount for Jan of this year so the Total Amount is wrong.  I validated the file and re-ran the report, but have the same issue.  My next step will be to try to super-validate the file (have never done that before).
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    I resolved my problem.  When saving the transaction, it prompts for the year it applies to.  If you select the wrong year, the transaction will occur in the report for that year.  I went back to the original transaction, adjusted the amount (by $.01), saved it, and selected 2022 for the RMD year it applied to.  I then went back. corrected the amount, saved it and again selected 2022.  I repeated the process for the transaction for January of this year and specified 2023.  Voila, issue resolved.  Report is now accurate.
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    Just ran the latest update that includes the new TAX category for reports. In the detail only Foreign accounts is pre-assigned "Last Year" for the date range. All others are "Year To Date", which in trying to fill tax returns then each category report needs to be updated to "Last Year" individually. For an update issued during tax season should all those date ranges be prefilled with "Last Year"? Updates later in the year could change that back to Year To Date. JMO
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    @bobeinor -- we may be hijacking the topic of the original post, but your point about default date ranges may be impacted by the setting under Edit / Preferences for Reports where a Default date setting is established.  That setting can be set to 'Last Year' if you so desire, but it will (should) apply to all reports, nut just tax reports. 

    Any further discussion on this line should probably go to a new discussion topic.  
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    regardless of what the Quicken tax report states, the 'system of record' is what the FI reports - not what you may have in Quicken.  I wouldn't rely on ANYTHING in Quicken that OTHERWISE gets reported by an FI, employer, etc. If audited, the IRS will look to what it received from third parties and not what Quicken records may indicate. 
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