Why is my chase account only going back to April 2022? (Q Mac)

Harry Mavro
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My Chase account on Quicken only goes back to April 2022. Then it skips 2021 and 2020 and it finds transactions for 2019.
I used the program a couple of months ago and everything was there. Not sure what happened in the meantime.
Do I need to delete my accounts from Chase and add them again?


  • Jon
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    Deleting & re-adding your accounts is unlikely to restore transactions that are 1-3 years old at this point. You'd be better off trying to restore from a backup to get those 2020 & 2021 transactions back. 

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  • Thanks Jon. If I restore from a backup, won't my most recent transaction organization be lost?
  • lhossus
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    You should have backup files stored in 
    /Users/<your home directory>/Library/Application Support/Quicken/Backups/Automatic Backups

    Try restoring from a backup dated on the last date you know your data was good.

    Warning: each time you quit Quicken, a new backup is made. AND the oldest backup is deleted!!! So you may want to make a copy of all the backup files in the Automatic Backups folder until you solve your problem, to prevent loss of the backups.


    Also, do you have backups of your computer? Such as Time Machine.


    Note: when you use Quicken only infrequently ("every couple of months"), you run the risk of missing downloadable data. This happens because financial institutions (such as Chase in your case) limit how far back in time they will provide transactions for download. Typically this is 3 months, but could be more or less with individual accounts. 

    Because of this, it is not advised to "delete my accounts from Chase and add them again". You will only get the most recent transactions and no long term history.

    That said, if Chase provides a manual transaction download of transactions over a longer time frame (called a QFX or OFX file), then you might be able to recover a bit more of your transaction history. Unlikely to be everything that is missing though.


    The problem here may be that the wrong Quicken data file has been opened in Quicken.

    Look around for another Quicken data file which has the date you remember as the last time "everything was there". You can search your hard drive for files with the string 

    Because macOS likes to hide the Library folder from innocent user eyes, you will want to perform a second search in the Library folder. In Finder's menu bar, select Go > Go to Folder..., then enter a path /Users/<your home directory>/Library - then repeat the search for kind:quicken

    And one more tip: you can get Quicken to show you where your currently open data file is located: in Quicken's menu bar: File > Show <file name> in Finder. Or alternatively, click on the red Q in upper right corner of the main window and select Show in Finder.

    Hope this helps.

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